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Cinema Summer Camp
Cinema Summer Camp 2023

Cinema Summer Camp 2023

Invitation to participate in the "Cinema Summer Camp" 2023 byChania Film Festival

"Cinema Summer Camp" is an innovative organization that combines New Technologies, Art and Culture, Nutrition and Culture of Crete, Agritourism and Soft Development. Mainly, it is a structured creative holiday experience for teenagers as well as adults.

The aim of the "Cinema Summer Camp" Program is for the participants to get to know, through a series of theoretical and experiential activities: a) the Art and Technique of Documentary, b) Basic Principles of Audiovisual and Cinematic Education, c) the Culture of Crete.

Workshops, seminars, discussions, screenings, visits, musical evenings, culinary quests and a series of other events make up a 10-day program, which offers the possibility for the group to experience unique experiences.

Furthermore, in addition to the elements of Knowledge and Learning, the Program also includes the element of Creation as the group - each time - creates its own documentary. The event is the central summer activity of the CFF and combines Education in Documentary Creation and wider Audiovisual Education with the introduction of Cretan Nutrition, Agritourism and the gentle development of our island.

Information - Registration

Saturday 8 July 2023 until Sunday 16 July 2023

The Program is addressed to students of 3rd High School and 1st and 2nd High School.

The only prerequisite for the participants is the willingness for teamwork, cooperation, participation and everything needed for a ten-day creative vacation.

The venue of the Summer School and the Camp of the Chania Film Festival is the Conference Centre and the wider areas of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania.

The Conference Centre with its flexible design combines first-class standards of comfort and service with the latest technology in a privileged location. It is located in a picturesque, typical Mediterranean pine forest, 3 km southeast of the city of Chania, 13 km from the International Airport and 1 km from the Port of Chania.

Anyone who wishes to participate in the program just needs to make a 1'-2' video, which will include:

  1. His impressions of the 2022 event, after browsing the corresponding page by clicking here
  2. The reason(s) he/she wants to participate in the "Cinema Summer Camp" 2023.
  3. The "slogan" he believes should be adopted for the "Cinema Summer Camp" 2023

Submit your video and application by clicking on the link below:

Participation fee

The cost of participating in the program amounts to 300 euros*.

Responding to the needs that have arisen in society due to the energy crisis, we provide a 25% discount on tuition fees to all interested parties, so participation is 225 euros.

We also provide an additional 15% discount - on the total amount - to those who register by Sunday, April 30, 2023 by paying the pre-registration fee of 70 euros.

Finally, for those who register early, the total discount is 40%, so the participation in the "Summer Film School" / "Cinema Summer Camp" 2023 of the Chania Film Festival is 180 euros.

Upon submission of the application, the participation fee of 70 euros must be paid.

The deposit is made to the account
of Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary: Πολιτιστική Εταιρεία Κρήτης.
{the name of the child} - for the summer school 2023"

FREE JOIN Scholarships

Make your Application by clicking HERE

Chania Film Festival will provide a number of FREE entry scholarships. Anyone can claim one of the positions! Scholarships will be considered

  1. social criteria
  2. the videos to be submitted.

The scholarships will fully include – beyond the amount of 70 euros for the participation fee – the expenses for:

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Activities program
  • Workshops and Projects
  • Participation in excursions and visits
  • Participation in Documentary Creation
  • Early registration [ 15% discount ]: deposit of 70 euros pre-registration fee, application form and video by Sunday 30 April 2023 at the following address. Make your Application by clicking HERE. Total participation fee 180 euros
  • Deadline for submission of the application form: deposit of the registration fee of 70 euros, application form and video by Sunday 14 May 2023 at the following email address. Make your Application by clicking HERE. Total participation fee 225 euros.
  • Announcement of results: Monday 31 May 2023/.
  • Confirmation of participation, relevant declarations of parents and deposit of the remaining amount of participation: Thursday, June 1, 2023 until Sunday, June 11, 2023.

For questions and/or clarifications you can send an email to:


The Chania Film Festival is an organization that is active all year round in the field of Cinema, Education, Culture. A Regional Cultural Institution with a rich programme of events and activities. Pioneering, innovative, young, with vitality, dynamics and clear quality characteristics. Since the founding of the CFF, special emphasis has been placed on the development of Cinematography and, more broadly, Audiovisual Education for children and young people. In this context, annual and fast-paced educational programs for film literacy and creation are developed. Emphasis is placed on the documentary and its relation to Oral and Local History.

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